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Why Use Irrigation and Lighting?

Why use an Irrigation System?

It is very important to keep your lawn and landscape healthy, watered, and green. Without regular watering, your plants and lawn will not survive. An automatic sprinkler system is a great way to consistently maintain your landscape. It will allow you to:

Save Time – No more hassle of dragging hoses around or remembering to water. Your lawn gets watered even when you’re away.

Save Money – No more watering the neighbors lawn, the street or the house. All sprinkler heads are custom set so they only water where they are supposed to.

Save Water – No more watering all day long. It is important to conserve water. Most homeowners use up to 50% more water than is necessary due to evaporation & over watering. Now you can set your system to operate in the cooler morning hours.

Increase the value of your home – A lush, green lawn and beautiful landscape can potentially increase your home’s value up to 25%.

Why Use Landscape Lighting?

Now that you have the lawn and landscape that you’ve dreamed about, why not show it off? A landscape lighting system will allow you to do just that, but in addition, it will bring you:

Beauty – It will elegantly accentuate the beauty of your home and landscape.

Safety & Security – It will light the perimeter of your house and property to discourage any potential intruders or vandals.

Increase the value of your home – With a beautiful landscape, landscape lighting can also increase your home’s value up to 25%.

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